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Project Management

Each project is unique but all projects require planning. We focus on gathering as much information as possible early in the process by interviewing the stakeholders, reviewing requirements and constraints. Relevant available historical data and potential risks are analyzed. The information is then formulated into specific deliverables and key milestones are established. Once the scope is finalized and resources have been identified, a draft project schedule is created. Once reviewed and approved, it becomes the governing document ensuring the execution phase of the project is set for success. Can you afford not to have the right team planning your project?

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Development of Project Management Methodology

Not having a defined process to run projects costs money. It also contributes to low morale within an organization, high turnover ratio and disappointed customers. As a result, reputation of the company suffers, potentially to the point of no return. Profitable businesses that operate on a project basis have a well defined, consistent methodology that is being followed. If your organization does not have one, it is time to develop it. Our goal is to create a custom project management process, which is inclusive of all departments, is flexible and tailored to a specific organization. Developed methodology serves as a foundation to a healthy corporate culture. 

We develop project management methodology for medium size companies, then work with senior management and department/operations leadership on implementation strategy. It is a collaborative effort, which includes project managers’ input and buy-in. 

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Contract Management

If there is any ambiguity or worse, if things go wrong during the execution phase when the time is critical, parties often go back to the signed contract to review the agreed upon scope, schedule, payment terms or other details. As a direct result, potentially the relationship suffers enough to compromise the entire project. At Vino Engineering we strive not to get to the point of contract disputes by paying close attention to contract negotiations with vendors, consultants or contractors during the procurement stage in order to ensure all the technical and commercial details are formulated in the contract to client’s satisfaction. Our team visits fabrication shops during the bid/tender stage and prepares a vendors’ comparison with recommendations to the client. Vino Engineering suggests the client seeks legal advise when necessary and we have the capability to discuss the details of a particular section or a sentence with a lawyer on client’s behalf.

We clarify the commercial priority of every contract with a client upfront and proceed to review the details accordingly. The ability to quickly shift focus from details to the big picture and vise versa is what separates Vino Engineering from the completion. We believe in having the right people do the job right and we close contracts with client’s best interests in mind. 

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Construction Management

Construction Management

Construction Manager is accountable for the success of the execution phase of a project. The first step in the process involves intimate familiarization with the documents completed during the planning phase: scope summary, project schedule and any contracts with the 3rd parties planned to work on site or support the team remotely. Detailed construction schedule is then finalized with input from the main stakeholders. Safety lead is identified and gets integrated into the project team. Construction Manager acts as a single point of contact for the Project Manager, Safety Lead, Owner, Plant Leadership and Trades Supervisor(s). He conducts short daily meetings in order to maintain alignment to the construction schedule and facilitates any coordination between the team members. Construction Manager works with the Safety Lead to ensure all trades have gone through a safety orientation and all the appropriate permits are issued before the work begins. 

We have successfully led demolition, process improvement, equipment installation and commissioning projects in various sites across North America.

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