Project Management
Detailed Planning Leading
to Smooth Execution
Development of Project
Management Methodology
For medium size companies
Contract Management
Protecting Client's Interests,
Capturing Full Scope
Construction Management
Manufacturing, Warehousing, Food,
Automotive and Other Industries

About Us

At Vino Engineering we listen to the needs of our customers, then find effective solutions. If we are brought in to lead a project, we focus on developing a transparent and collaborative environment, which leads to cooperation between the team members and ultimately builds trust. This approach is fundamental to a successful project. We tackle one milestone at the time towards the acceptance of all the identified deliverables. If we are hired to manage the construction phase of a project, we gather our personal protective equipment and show up on site ready to lead. We take initiative, seek responsibility and ensure our client is well informed on a timely basis.

We strive to add value to our customers and we take pride in all of our work! 

Past Projects

We support clients in various industries consistently delivering

capital Engineering projects on time and within budget. 

If you have a specific need for Engineering or Project Management service that is not
listed on our website, we'll be happy to connect you with our professional network.